Who we are?

Live + Breathe is bringing together communities across Lambeth and Southwark to demand change from our councils on air pollution. From dancers, to skaters, to poets and painters, we love South London and want it to be a place we can all live and breathe freely.

What’s happening? 

On Saturday 18th June, we’re assembling at Southwark Park to celebrate our streets and reclaim our air. Join us for a day of unity, activity and energy where we celebrate what it means to live and breathe South London. Love Ssega, Mark Ashley-Dupé (Peckham’s Finest), Born N Bread, Usher Lavelle, Rebel Clash, Shumba Youth, Poetic Unity, NEON Elevate, Art4Space, Peaceballers, and Cece Roller Skates to make some noise about the silent killer: air pollution.

What’s the aim? 

Lambeth and Southwark are filled with culture, community and activities. But community groups seldom get together around an issue that impacts us all. Live + Breathe welcomes groups, individuals, businesses, and local leaders from around both boroughs to come together and make some noise for clean air. While air pollution is a serious issue, it’s important to have joyful spaces where we can do the things we love whilst talking about it. Taking part in our favourite activities should not come with the risk of dirty air.

How are you funded? 

Live + Breathe is made possible by Impact on Urban Health, which is designed to find equitable solutions that improve air quality and health for people living in cities. Impact on Urban Health is based in Lambeth and Southwark and part of Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Foundation.

What is Impact on Urban Health’s mission?

The places that we grow up, live and work impact how healthy we are. Urban areas, like inner-city London, have some of the most extreme health outcomes. Alongside their vibrancy and diversity sit stark health inequalities.

Impact on Urban Health want to change this. They believe that we can remove obstacles to good health by making urban areas healthier places for everyone to live.

The London Boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark are our home. They are some of the most diverse areas in the world. It is here that Impact on Urban Health invest, test, and build an understanding of how cities can be shaped to support better health. They’re focused on a few complex health issues that disproportionately impact people living in cities, and they work with local, national and international organisations, groups and individuals to tackle these.

Our place is like so many others. So Impact on Urban Health shares their insight, evidence, and practical learning to improve health in cities around the world.

How can I get involved? 

Come along to our event on Wednesday 19 April at Peckham Levels to get involved. Enjoy the music, performances and panel talk. Have a conversation about why clean air is important to you.

Tell us what activities you live and breathe for by taking to social media and using the hashtag: #WeLiveAndBreathe

Stay tuned for more ways to get involved!